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Established in 1973, Medtronic Australasia now employs more than 450 staff across Australia and New Zealand. All are passionate about providing access to medical technology that changes the face of chronic disease.

Our Australasian headquarters are in North Ryde, in the northwest of Sydney, Australia. We have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland.

Medtronic Australasia was recognised as one of Australia's Best Employers in the 2005 Hewitt Best Employers Australia and New Zealand Awards, and again in 2006/07 and 2008 with a Highly Commended in 2010. We have also been recognised as an Employer of Choice for Women by the Australian Government's Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace agency since 2006.

Medtronic Australasia is a proud supporter of many community, patient support and medical research organisations. The groups we regularly support include The Australian Red Cross, Children's Cancer Institute Australia, OXFAM and the Royal Flying Doctors' Service. We also provide child sponsorship for 20 children in Africa through World Vision Australia and donate end-of-lease laptops to the Friday Night School.  Additionally, the Medtronic Foundation has supported relief efforts for the Queensland floods and Christchurch earthquake and is a proud supporter of World Vision Australia's Young Mob Leaders program.

Medtronic Australasia abides by the Medical Technology Association of Australia Code of Practice.

Medtronic Australasia Training & Education Centre

The design of the Centre received awards from both NSW Master Builder's Association and the National Electrical and Communications Association.

The design of the Centre received awards from both NSW Master Builder's Association and the National Electrical and Communications Association.



The Medtronic Australasia Training & Education Centre was officially opened by Member for Bennelong the Hon. Maxine McKew in March 2008 (pictured).

The Medtronic Australasia Training & Education Centre was officially opened by Member for Bennelong the Hon. Maxine McKew in March 2008 (pictured).

This state-of-the-art Centre, the first of its kind in Australia, provides critical tailor-made education and training required to keep surgeons and other healthcare professionals abreast of the rapidly changing medical technology environment.

It incorporates a diverse range of features and facilities. These include simulated operating theatres where healthcare professionals receive hands-on training in medical device technology, large seminar rooms, a biohazard facility of premium compliance rating and multiple break-out areas. It also features the latest in audio-visual technology, enabling full integration between local surgeons and trainers based overseas, as well as internally between theatres and seminar rooms.


Medtronic Australasia Environmental Statement

As a company that provides products to restore health, alleviate pain and extend life, Medtronic Australasia recognises the critical interdependence between human health and the environment.

For this reason, we believe that it is important to promote the sustainable use of natural resources, the conservation of energy, the reduction of waste, and the mitigation of climate change impact throughout the organisation.

Our Code of Conduct and our Environmental, Health and Safety Policy acknowledge our responsibility to employees, customers, shareholders and the environment. We pledge to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner, as well as be in compliance with all Environmental Health and Safety laws.

Globally, Medtronic has established an Environmental Sustainability Policy outlining our basic principles for being proactive in protecting the environment and becoming a sustainable company.

Locally, this means we work to:

Conserve natural resources and promote energy efficiency. Medtronic Australasia is focused on energy conservation technologies to reduce emissions and many of these technologies are already in place at our facilities. These include energy efficient lighting, ventilation systems and the use of automated building controls such as sensor-operated lights and timer-controlled air conditioning.

Medtronic's Sydney head office is powered 25% GreenPower and our Melbourne office is 20% GreenPower. GreenPower is government-accredited, renewable energy sourced from the sun, the wind, water and waste, rather than coal.

The Sydney office also uses "dry" urinals to reduce water wastage.

Eliminate waste and reuse and recyle materials. Recycling is a key component of Medtronic Australasia's commitment to responsible waste management. Programs are in place to encourage recycling in all offices and at individual workspaces.

These programs encourage recycling of plastics, metals, beverage containers, paper/cardboards, ink cartridges and mobile phones.

Additionally, staff are encouraged to work electronically, rather than print documents unnecessarily, and office printers are defaulted to double-sided printing.

Food packaging in the Sydney cafeteria is kept to a minimum and staff are encouraged to use mugs and tumblers rather than disposable coffee cups and bottled water.

Enhance new building construction and facility modification. Medtronic Australasia's Sydney head-office moved to new premises in North Ryde in March 2007. A key environmental requisite for the office fit-out was "pre-cycling" – intelligent design and specification to advance the durability of a built environment to a point where waste is minimised and life cycles are extended.

Environmentally friendly features of the new office include (where possible) the use of:

  • Locally sourced products to reduce significant transport requirements and unnecessary emissions
  • Workstations made from low-emission (formaldehyde) products which are 85% recyclable at the end of their useful life. The modular workstations enable high flexibility and avoid redundancy when change occurs
  • Seating that has 66% recycled content and is 94% recyclable at the end of its useful life
  • Steel-based mobile pedestals, communal and archival storage offering long life, flexible interior fittings and a full recyclable content
  • Sensor- or timer-operated lights and air conditioning
  • Energy efficient light fittings
  • Carpet with a 37% recycled content
  • Vinyl flooring capable of full breakdown and recycling at the end of its useful life
  • Feature timbers selected from renewable forestry resources
  • Timber veneers selected from a sustainable (regrowth) Australian source
  • Textiles composed primarily or entirely of natural materials
  • 100% recycled PET for graphic installations and pinboards
  • Water-based paints and adhesives to reduce emissions

Refurbishment or relocation of other Medtronic Australasia offices will include similar environmentally friendly inclusions.

Embrace staff involvement. Medtronic Australasia staff regularly participate in volunteer activities to support and protect the environment including:

  • Business Clean Up Australia Day
  • Earth Hour
  • Local Council Community Partnership activities such as tree planting


All employees are responsible for making sure that Medtronic's business is conducted in compliance with all applicable laws and in a way that is protective of the environment."

Medtronic Code of Conduct on Environmental Management.



Last updated: 23 Mar 2016

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