Charitable Giving Program

Medtronic Australasia recognises the important role charitable organisations play within our community, as well as the role companies and members of the community play in supporting them.

Citizenship at Medtronic includes everything from taking care of the environment and best-in-class work practices to the high standards that guide the way that we do business and create quality products. It also includes supporting those in need through philanthropic giving, grants and volunteer efforts.

In order to direct our support to organisations that align with our charitable focus, and assess in a fair manner, the following guidelines were developed. If you have any questions, please contact Medtronic’s Communications team on 1800 668 670.

Charitable Focus

Medtronic Australasia directs its charitable efforts towards the following areas of interest, within Australia and New Zealand:

  • Health
    Expanding access to quality healthcare with a focus on and addressing prevention, diagnosis and management. Priority to be given to initiatives supporting cardiovascular, neurological, spinal and diabetes health.
  • Community and Education
    Responding to local community needs with particular emphasis on programs that support human services and education in disadvantaged communities.

Giving Program

At Medtronic, our community-spirited goal is to make a difference to those in need through specific and detailed programs related to improving access to healthcare and supporting disadvantaged communities. We acknowledge that at times, a helping hand is as valued as financial support. For this reason, our giving program includes:

Giving Grants/Contributions – Financial

  • Mission Grants
    Three Mission Grants (valued at $25,000 each) will be made per annum to medium-sized programs that meet our charitable giving criteria and are selected by our panel.
  • Employee’s Choice Donation
    Each month, a charity or cause will be awarded our Employee’s Choice donation (valued at $500 per month). Employees will nominate their charity of choice.
  • Opportunity Fund
    Between one to four programs with a specific healthcare focus, eg diabetes, will be selected for allocations of $5,000-$10,000 per program. Special considerations applicable to this contribution can be found here:

    Medtronic Diabetes Sponsorship/Grant Requirements

Giving Time

Volunteer programs have played an important role in Medtronic’s culture for more than 40 years. We are committed to supporting up to five causes through volunteering each year. If you are seeking support from corporate volunteers, we encourage you to apply.

Giving Goods

At times, employees initiate collection drives, e.g. for books, non-perishables, or clothing in support of appreciative charities, eg Lifeline. Medtronic is supportive of all employee-driven activities that maintain our mission. If you have a suggestion for this type of activity, please share the details through our application form.


If your request for support is in return for some form of recognition, this constitutes a sponsorship request. Sponsorship for an event is where Medtronic gives money or product to organisers of an event which is educative, medical or scientific or a charity fundraiser, and Medtronic is specifically acknowledged as a ‘sponsor.’ Because Medtronic is effectively receiving advertising rights where it is recognised as a sponsor for an event, a sponsorship agreement between the organisers and Medtronic is required.

The information required for sponsorship requests vary, however the first stage of the application process is the same. Applications for sponsorships are accepted through this application process and then shared with the appropriate business representative.

A sponsored event may be considered by the charitable giving committee for Mission Grants, Employee Choice or Opportunity Fund awards.

Eligibility for Financial Contributions

Required (satisfy all of the following):

  • Commitment towards alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life;
  • Initiative has a healthcare and/or community and education focus, with an emphasis on improving lives;
  • National focus (or the potential) to benefit the national community and/or multiple community groups;
  • Commitment to provide six monthly updates on program progress;
  • The request is from/on behalf of a registered charity in Australia and/or New Zealand.


  • Opportunity for Medtronic employee volunteering;
  • Potential for ongoing partnership;
  • The program should be able to continue regardless of Medtronic support.


In line with these guidelines, Medtronic will not support:

  • Commercial, for-profit businesses;
  • Applications from political organisations or campaigns;
  • Applications from religious organisations for religious purposes (excluding charitable activities);
  • Applications to support a healthcare professional and/or hospital’s favourite charity;
  • Applications to support general operational expenses.

Application Process

For more information about the application process, including schedule, view the application page.

Last updated: 9 May 2013

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