Our Story: Shifting to Disease Management

When Art Collins came on board as Medtronic's CEO in 2001, he recognised the opportunity to help with the long-term management of chronic diseases, which are becoming more prevalent and more expensive for patients to manage.

He led efforts to further integrate information technology and biologics with our devices to broaden their functionality.

Biotechnology and biologics became another important part of the Medtronic product equation in the early 2000s. Substances that cause a biologic response when used with our products may result in better outcomes and faster healing.

In 2001, Medtronic acquired MiniMed, the leader in insulin infusion pumps for patients with diabetes. Diabetes treatment was a logical extension of our drug-delivery expertise. Today, we also offer continuous glucose monitoring systems that allow patients to identify trends in their glucose levels.

Looking Ahead

In 2007, Bill Hawkins assumed the key leadership role at Medtronic. Under his guidance, we're extending Medtronic's capabilities even further toward overall disease management. That means helping patients throughout the entire continuum of their care – from prevention to post-treatment follow up.

With our breadth and depth of expertise across more than 30 major chronic conditions, we recognise that we're uniquely positioned to play this larger role in the healthcare industry. It's a role we take on with great pride and commitment.

Last updated: 27 Sep 2010

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