Production Manager, CardioVascular
Galway, Ireland


After traveling all over the world, I decided to give my career a chance by getting a full-time job in Shannon, County Clare. I spent 5 years as a supervisor with a German company that manufactured and packaged window attire. After a redundancy there, I decided to move to Galway, where my mother grew up; applied at Medtronic's manufacturing facility, having heard great reports about the company. At that time, I didn't have medical experience, so started as a floor operator.

Over time, I worked my way up to supervisor and section head, and realized these leadership roles were a good fit for me. Through mentoring and coaching from my managers, I was encouraged to pursue my education and expand my skills. With the company's support, I received my business management degree and am currently studying for my MBA. I also just completed a leadership course for Medtronic managers throughout Europe. It was a great opportunity to interact with managers in sales or other functions, and gain a better understanding of other elements of the organisation.

As a manager, my main challenges are to keep up with the demands of our constantly changing environment and to balance the requirements from all departments, whether it's engineering, R&D, or commercial. To keep employees motivated and empowered, I make sure they know how our products work and the significant impact they have on people's lives. We regularly host meetings for physicians from all over the world, so we have the opportunity to interact with our customers. It's great to hear their stories firsthand and understand how we all play an important role in saving or improving people's lives. The positive impact of those interactions is evident when we have a major production push, like we did preparing for the U.S. launch of our drug-eluting stent. People are willing to go the extra mile because they know they all play a major part in the overall team effort.

Joined Medtronic: 1997

Grew up in: Bronx, NY and County Clare, Ireland

Irish Management Institute, bachelor's (Hons) in Business Management
Currently attending online Open University for MBA

What I do for fun:
I've always played sports and love the outdoor life, travel, and adventure. I found a way to have great adventures and raise money for a great charity at the same time. Croi (which means "heart" in Irish) is a cardiology foundation that promotes cardiovascular healthcare for the people of the West of Ireland. I raise money through events, and challenging climbs and treks. I've trekked through South Africa and the canyons in the U.S., summitted Mount Kilimanjaro, and reached Base Camp at Mount Everest. The people in my department have been my biggest supporters.

Last updated: 27 Sep 2010

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