Territory Manager, Diabetes
Austin, Texas, USA

George - Sales Representative, Diabetes

I was an equity trader for 13 years, and while I was financially successful, I found myself doing a lot of volunteer work to fill a need. I worked with programs for inner-city kids. One was through Catholic Charities and one was for Latin youth. I went through those programs in high school and, because of them, I went on to college and was hired on Wall Street. So I was passionate about the volunteer work, but it felt like I had two lives. Finally after the tragedy of 9/11, I decided to change careers.

I wanted to work in the medical field to help people, and set my sights on Medtronic. Working on Wall Street, I knew Medtronic was solid financially, and I liked that they were the market leader. But I knew I needed medical experience first. So I worked as a sales rep in the diabetes division of a big pharmaceutical company for four years. I did well there, was in the Top 10 percent, but it wasn't challenging enough. Luckily, an opening for sales in diabetes at Medtronic opened up, and I got it.

Here, I'm not just calling on doctors. I'm really living our Mission because I talk directly with patients. Many of them have been doing daily insulin injections and now their doctor has recommended an insulin pump to make managing their glucose levels easier. But they're nervous because it's a change for them. So I meet with them, answer their questions, and get them comfortable with the idea of a pump. Knowing Spanish has been a real plus, because about 10 percent of the people I talk with only speak Spanish. I help put them at ease.

Joined Medtronic: 2007

Grew up in: South Bronx, New York

Education: Wesleyan University, bachelor's in Economics

Why I believe in insulin pumps:
They improve people's quality of life by giving them more freedom to do and eat what they want. But there's also the scientific standpoint: getting insulin continually throughout the day is a more natural way for your body to absorb insulin than just getting 4 injections in a day.

Next career goal:
I'm working toward becoming a district manager. My managers are helping me find opportunities to gain more skills. I'm now mentoring associate sales reps, and I'll be speaking at an upcoming national workshop for our entire diabetes division.

What I do for fun:
Spend time with my family. We have 2 young children and like to take them to the park or swimming. I also coached T-ball and play sports of all kinds: flag football, softball, pick-up basketball. I'm very competitive.

Last updated: 27 Sep 2010

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