Senior Director, Navigation
Louisville, Colorado, USA


My work is very stimulating and satisfying, because I'm working directly with medical professionals to meet a need that will benefit their patients. It usually involves technology that makes surgery less invasive – software, computers, optics, or surgical instruments. It often involves travel. I've been throughout Western Europe, Greece, Turkey, Australia, and the Czech Republic. I've formed lasting relationships with employees and customers all over the world.

Oftentimes, I support those customers in surgery, so I get to see firsthand how my work benefits patients.

My skills have grown along with my career. I'm continually exposed to new techniques and ideas, whether it's from our internal R&D team or from companies who approach us about partnerships. In addition to technical skills, I've developed strong leadership skills, managing teams of engineers and marketing personnel. I also work with our patent attorneys to manage intellectual property, and participate on due diligence teams when we look at making an acquisition.

Joined Medtronic: 1997

Grew up in: Carson City, Nevada

University of Nevada, bachelor's in Chemical Engineering and minor in Mechanical Engineering
University of Nevada, master's in Electrical Engineering (CIMSE)

How I balance life:
I work long and hard when I'm traveling, which is OK because I really enjoy my job and working with customers. To balance that, I leave the office at a decent time when I'm home, so I can spend time with my family, run, and volunteer with school activities and sports.

Last updated: 27 Sep 2010

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