Clinical Research Manager, CardioVascular
Santa Rosa, California, USA


I was a physician in India, then came to the States to do my postdoctoral in clinical trials. I was solicited by Stanford University and spent several years there doing vascular research. I enjoyed it, but wanted to have a greater impact. I wanted to help make more healthcare options available to patients. So I sought out Medtronic for three reasons: the cutting-edge technology, they are a global leader, and, most importantly, their reputation.

Since joining Medtronic, I've been managing drug-eluting stent clinical trials, supporting the teams in Europe to gain CE Mark approval and in the United States to gain FDA approval. These are some of the largest trials in the history of the company, so there was a lot of attention on the project, as well as critical deadlines to meet. It was challenging, but satisfying, to be working on such a high-visibility project.

As a team leader, I'm collaborating with several global teams. It makes you appreciate the many talents we have across the company, both in teams and individuals. I work closely with the Galway R&D team and with the clinical research team in the Netherlands. The insights I gain from them helps me think more strategically.

Joined Medtronic: 2004

Grew up in: India. My father was in the Armed Forces, so we moved around the country.

K.V. Faridkot Cantt, All India Senior Secondary Certificate (AISSC)
University of Mysore, J.S.S. School of Medicine, doctor of medicine degree
University of California, post-doctoral in Clinical Trial Design and Management

What I do for fun:
My wife is a practicing physician and we both like to travel, and spend time with family and friends. We each commute 90 miles one way, since we live halfway between our two jobs, so it's nice to just be home and relax with friends.

What I do to give back:
I do research-related work for the Veteran's Administration Hospital.

Something people don't know about me:
I have a twin sister who's a dentist, and I was in an ad campaign for a major technology firm.

Last updated: 27 Sep 2010

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