Global Advantage

We're advancing medical technology and improving lives around the world. With more than 250 facilities, Medtronic offers global opportunities that can broaden your perspective and provide new insights. Whether you're meeting with physicians from across the globe, collaborating with peers as part of an international team, or on assignment in another country, you can benefit from our rich, global environment. This challenging multicultural work is one of the key reasons people choose to join Medtronic.


Nnamdi, a Cornell MBA graduate, worked at our International Headquarters in Tolochenaz, Switzerland, as part of the Leadership Development Rotation Program. Read about his experiences.

Emerging Markets: The Next Frontier

The growth of several key emerging markets represents tremendous international career opportunities. Leading the way is China, which could become Medtronic's second-biggest market within a decade. Other fast-growing areas are India, the Middle East, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and South Africa. To find job openings by country, go to our Australasia/Europe or our US/Puerto Rico Career Opportunities.

Pride in Improving Healthcare Worldwide

Being part of a global, industry-leading company can provide a great deal of satisfaction and pride. Medtronic works with governments, payers, and healthcare organizations worldwide to help shape healthcare policy and improve access to life-saving therapies.

Last updated: 19 Apr 2016

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"It's a joy to drop straight in a new job in a new country and be able to build on the great tradition at Medtronic."


Director of Franchise Marketing




In 2008, Medtronic was named one of the 100 Best Places to Work in several countries: Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.